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Gujjar Women
The woes and misery  of Gujjar women of Jammu and Kashmir is surpass the treatment meted to any other   women belonging to 12 different Scheduled  tribe communities  of the State.
It is an established fact  that the Gujjar Bakerwal women are  much more hardworking as
compares   to the tribal women belonging to  Bot, Beda, Balti, Mon, Changpa, Garra, Purig,
Shin Dard, Brokpa, Gaddi and Sippi Tribes of Jammu and Kashmir .Unfortunately her life is
still passing through the darkness of superstition and illiteracy. Although she is quite
aware of her duties and contributes her best for the betterment of the TRIBAL society of
State but unaware of her rights she continues to suffer as sacrificial goat at the hand of
her family and society alike.

Since half century  back the women in the society ,have became enlightened and have brought
revolution in   their life style to the extent that they have entered the field of Space
Research but the unfortunate Gujjar Woman still lives a primitive life for away from the
light of learning. and devoid of modern facilities.

Educational Scenario  :-
The nomad Gujjar Women  had been the victim of superstitions and despite her excessive work
load she is not getting due respect and position in the Tribal Society. In  Gujjar society
where the men-folk are generally illiterate the chances of  women education  are quite dim
and bleack. It can be understood by the fact that for   a population of 12 lakh Gujjar
Women which constitutes the 24% of total women population in the state there are  only
a Government Girls  Gujjar  Hostel in Jammu and Kashmir situated   at Jammu. Naturally ,
only hundred girls are fortunate enough to board in the hostel. As for as the  Higher
Educational  institutions are concerned only a few girls have been able to get admission
at University Level.

In Jammu region only 5 girl students  could make it to their Post-graduation as regular
Students  from University of Jammu this year. Even in 2002-2003, three  Gujjar Girl were
able to get  admission at P.G level. In comparison there are 34 girls Students of Tribal
communities Ladhakh (considered as most back-words   ) perusing their Post Graduation in
Jammu University and equal number of   Girl Students from Kargil area are getting Education
in Kashmir University. As far as the percentage of Graduate Gujjar Girls is concerned ,
the graduate girls in the tribe can be counted on fingers.

It is estimated that a few of the girl Children from Ajjhari and Manjhi Sub Tribe of Gujjars
majority  of them drop out even before the high School level. Because of the early marriage
system  the   girls beloning to Allhaiwal, Banharas, Manjhi, Ajjhari Sub Tribes of Gujjar
community were not in a position to get admission even at School  level and thos who
somehow take admission, the circumstances, including economic condition, compel them
to leave their  studies at different levels of Education.

Since 1947, the Gujjar women has made same  slow progress in various fields, which can be
categoriesed   as Uner :-

Since 1947, the Gujjar women has made same  slow progress in various fields, which can be categoriesed   as Uner :-


1.     I.A.S  and allied Services.          Nill

2.   K.A.S and allied Services.          2   Gujjar women

3.   Distt. Officer.                             Nill

4.   MLA/MLC.                                 Nill

5.   Head of the Departments.          Nill

6.   Universities Services.                 Nill

7.   Lawyers                                      6  Gujjar women

8.   Judicial Services                         one Gujjar women

9.   Ph.D                                  Three Gujjar women

10.Journalist                          Nill


 Social Condition  :-

The Nomad Gujjar Women is undergoing thorough exploitations. They have to attend all
the chores of the house hold from cooking to selling milk and helping their men at
farming and cattle feeding . The dull life style and hard working from morning to late
night makes her physically as well as mentally fatigued. Beside this the nomad Gujjar
Women  had been the victim of superstitions and despite her excessive work load she is
not getting due respect and position in the Tribal Society In Bakerwal- Gujjars the
Women and girls are supposed to tend their herds through out day and  walk long distances
with their children and house hold luggage on their back as they are mostly nomads.
They have to cook meals and do some washing   on their temporary stops and again pack
for the next destination. Ultimately they get no time even to  think of their social

Government Schemes :- Though the Central as well as the State Governments  have  launched
 a number of programmes and schemes for the betterment of rural as well as urban women___
like  Balika Sammiridhi Youjna, Swastik and Indira Mahalla Youjana etc. but he Gujjar
women   are still unable to take any advantage. Living in  for away places in remote
areas they hardly get any information regarding such schemes. Their participation in
social as well as in political institutions is almost nil. Neither any full time Women
welfare   NGO works for them nor the state Government has started any specific welfare
scheme for the Gujjar women unless the state as well as the NGO's start a special and
extensive welfare scheme for the Gujjar women, their progress shall remain a distant
dream dream.
More then 12. Lacks Gujjar women Folk are   unaware of their basic rights and pace of
progress in the Modern age. They are putting   a question mark on the tall claims of
government and other agencies working for the welfare of women and  for securing  social
change  for all the women folk in 21 st  century.
Not that  she does not feel it, one can observe her helplessness from her face and
eyes –depicting her inner feelings . Anyway here is a brief sketch of the present
position of Gujjar women.

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