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Gujjars to Govt. Postpone Survey,we are under migration
                             PRESS RELEASE
SRINAGAR, 22nd osf September 2007. The  Gujjars have appealed to the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to stop and postpone the survey regarding the families Living Below Poverty line (BPL) which is scheduled to be started today,  as lacs of Nomad Gujjars are presently in migration from the Himalayan Regions to planes and warmer areas of the state, said the Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation a National Organization working for the welfare of the Tribes in India,
 Owing to the holy month of Ramadhan, the Gujjars,  have already  have proponed their migration alongwith their livestock in the first week of September 2007 and the process of this bi-yearly phase of migration is completed in 28 to 30 days through seven Himalayan traditional routes of migration which include the Mughal Road, G T Road, Jamiya Gali, Gora Batta, Nanansar, Ropadi and Dharhal Pass and will be available for such type of surveys in the month of October, when the process of survey, as per its present schedule will end on 10th of October 2007, said Dr. Javaid Rahi, National Secretary of the Tribal foundation
 ` As per the handout issued by Department of Economics  and Statistics, Government of Jammu an Kashmir, the  survey is designed to cover all the 22 districts of the State for identification of the people living below the poverty line. Besides, the survey is contemplated to provide the information about the number of educated unemployed who are seeking employment. The main  aim of the survey is to formulate policies and plans for eradication of poverty and tackling the problem of unemployment by the State Government.
 Since, lacs of Gujjars and Bakerwals who live Below Poverty Line (BPL) are presently in migration therefore the government should wait or arrange  a special survey for such nomadic tribe, till their  bi- yearly migration is completed said Dr. Javaid Rahi.
 In the  modus operandi of the field operations and  guidelines of the survey of government , no policy has been devised to include nomads in their survey and distribute Mobile BPL cards and no rules have been framed to overcome this serious laps,"  the foundation's press handout said.
A sizeable population of Gujjars and Bakerwals in Jammu and Kashmir which constitute 20 to 25% population of the State   are living below poverty line (BPL) and do not get even sufficient food, heath and educational and employment  facilities. The maximum percentage of  nomads belonging to the tribe are not in a position to manage two time meals, proper shelter and fodder for their livestock.
The Hindu and Budisht Tribes of State which include Gaddi , Sippi, Borckpa and Channgpa  are also about to Start their bi-yearly with in weeks time ,presently on higher reaches of Shivalik and Zojeela will not also be available for such important survey, said Dr. Rahi
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Jammu 1st October 2007Just a day before state-wide "Jailbharo Andolan" by the Gujjars of Rajasthan in which about five lakh Gujjars will court arrest in Rajasthan on Gandhi Jayanti the Muslim Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir which constitute 20 to 25% of tototal population have today appealed to Chief Minister of Rajasthan Smt. Vasundhara Raje to help out the Gujjars of Rajasthan in current reservation crisis, by recommending their case of granting Schedule Tribe status to Government of India.
This appeal has been made by Gujjars through a Kashmir based National organization on tribes, Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation through a fax sent to Chief Minister of Rajasthan, which has been signed by hundreds of tribesmen's of Jammu and Kashmir state. This appeal has been issued in shape of a memorandum, here.
The Chief Minister has also been appealed to stop the geneside of Gujjars of the state and give legitimate rights to them and not to make it a ego or prestige point.
Giving details about the memorandum , National Secretary of the Foundation, Dr. Javaid Rahi told that the Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan are of the same race having similar historical background and are sharing equal socio-economic problems. The government of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh have rightly accepted their genuine demands of Gujjars decades before, but the Gujjars of Rajasthan have been deprived of this fundamental right and it is being called as social aggression against this down trodden community who have laid their lives for National Integration and in Freedom struggle of India.It has been further told that the struggle of Gujjars in Rajasthan have entered into a decisive phase and it is being hoped that good sense will prevail upon the Rajasthan government and Gujjars will get their due.Dr. Javaid Rahi has appealed to the socio-political organizations, print and electronic media of India which are working for uplifment of suppressed and marginalized communities to come forward and rescue this nomadic and marginalized community of Rajasthani Gujjars which are struggling for their legitimate rights since independence.
The Foundation also appeals the Gujjars for peaceful agitation from Gandhi Jayanti if government fails to give us the letter of recommendation to provide ST status to our community. The government should act before it is too late as the agitation could take a dangerous turn.Dr. Rahi told it's a social movement that will continue till the demands are met. The community has lost 26 precious lives in may this year during the agitation and everyone is determined to fight for justice."Press ConferenceDogri Sanstha , Jammu&Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation Jammu .Dogra-Gujjars up in arm against DD Kashir Jammu, 12th of October 2007Dogri Sanstha, Jammu and Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation vehemently condemn and oppose the Cultural invasion unleashed on Dogras and Gujjars –the non-Kashmiri speaking   communities of J&K by the  Kashir Channel of Doordarshan. They alleged that Kashir Channel is in no way the representative Channel of all communities and tribes   of J&K State.In a press conference held here at Press Club , Jammu today Prof.Lalit Magotra, President, Dogri Sanstha, and Dr. Javaid Rahi, National Secretary of Tribal Foundation Stated that , we urge upon the Prime Minister of India  and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting , Govt of India to immediately stop this Cultural aggression against Dogras and Gujjars unleashed through DD Kashir. If it is not done in a period of 3 months we will appeal to Dogra, Gujjar and other communities to completely boycott the all the channels of Doordarshan including  the Kashir channel.

Prof. Lalit Magotra while talking to media persons stated "Kashir Channel has not only failed in meeting the aspiration and expectations of the people of Jammu region as well as the tribals residing in boarder belts of Kashmir valley, it has also failed in its much publicized aim of countering the false and malicious propaganda of the Channels from across the International borders

Dr. Javaid Rahi told news persons that the irony is that the programmes telecast from Kashir Channel are not in languages which are understood by the 60% population of the State and 95% population across the LOC and International border, the predominant languages of these areas being Gojri, Dogri, Punjabi etc. and certainly not the language of Kashir Channel.  Therefore, the programmes telecast by Kashir Channel have absolutely no impact on masses on either side of the border. He added.

Prof Mangotra said it is astonishing  that   as per the official notification of Prasar Bharati Dogri and Gojri have been given 2% representation each in its 24x7 telecast of   DD Kashir Channel and this is   humiliating even this 2% representation is also not being given to Dogri and Gojri .

Dr. Rahi stated that  a few agencies  are  trying to thrust   alien culture upon us and it is a conspiracy and cultural monopoly against   Gujjars of the State which is intolerable .He added that  how do the authorities perciene to integrate these communities in the mainstream by adopting this policy of insulting their culture by giving their languages mere 2% representation in Kashir channel, where as they jointly form majority in the State.
The  Channel, launched in 1999 by the Union Govt; with  the dual objectives  promote and propagate , Culture and Traditions of the inhabitants of the State and to counter the campaign of mis information from across the LOC and the International border. But the channel has singularly failed in both its objectives, Both the Scholars said.
Both, Prof  Lalit Magotra and Dr. Javaid Rahi   told that Dogras and Gujjars who constitute more than 60% population of the State are thus completely ignored in the Kashir Channel and no representation is given to their Art, Culture, Languages, Customs and Secular ethos  for which they are known World  over. As a matter of fact, Gujjars and Dogras living in the higher reaches of the mountainous region of the State are the worst sufferers of militancy. Instead of catering to the aspirations and   expectations of lthese communities, DD Kashir Channel is rubbing salt in their wounds by imposing programmes on Kashmiri Culture in a language which these communities do not understand.
Inspite of numerous appeals and protests by various section of Dogra and Gujjar communities the alien Culture  onslaught on our Culture and languages is continuing unabatedly through DD Kashir Channel. This is another case of the insensitive manner in which the affairs of the Jammu   and Kashmir are being handled. Peaceful and secular Dogra and Gujjar communities are being unnecessarily provocted by creating resentment among them. Dr. Mangotra Said

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