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'Kashir Channel's Cultural aggression against Gujjars:

Srinagar, 4th of September 2007.

The dedicated Doordarshan Channel for Jammu and Kashmir, DD Kashir, launched by the Government of India with the objective of countering Pakistani media propaganda from across the border, has failed to serve its purpose in Tribal Language-Gojri-spoken by nomad Gujjars of the State, said Dr.Javaid Rahi,National Secretary ,of Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation-an organisation working for overall development of Tribes of India.

"I call it Cultural aggression agaist Gujjars of J&K as the Chennel does not telecast even a five minutes single programme in Gojri, the language of about 25 % population of the State, in its 24X7 telecasts and did not cover remote villages and tribal population of the State in their own mother tong which is most affected by militancy. It therefore fails to counter the massive anti-India propaganda launched by Pakistan Television (PTV) through its powerful transmitters in Gojri, along the border. Dr. Rahi added

This is the only regional channel for which the Centre has allocated more than Rs 299.87 crore for this year

"we are demanding a ten minutes Gojri News bulletin from Doordarshan Kender Srinagar and Jammu , since establishment of " Kashir channel" in order to get counter information as the Pakistan Telivision Gojri News Bulletin aired from PTV WORLD/NEWS daily at 5: 00P.M. (Indian Standard Time) badly influanced the Tribal Gujjars who does not understand any other language except GOJRI-their mother tong" stated Dr. Rahi . He said that local Televisions of Pakistan occupied Kashmir especially Muzafarabad Television has also geared up its propaganda programmes, News and current affair programmes in Gojri language to influence the Gujjars which needs to be countered at an earliest so they may not exploit and misguide theGujjar tribal population of the state in the name of region or religion. . .

He added that authorities of Parsar Bharti in New Delhi want to snub the legitimate rights of Gujjars - the third largest entity of the Jammu and Kashmir at the cost of other languages which is in tolerable. He impressed to allot minimum Four hours daily Gojri programme besides news over "Kashir Channel" for equitable representation in order to fulfill the legitimate aspirations. Our Writers strongly criticized the step motherly treatment of Doordarshan towards Gojri-the major tribal language of the state, said Rahi .

Dr. Rahi iformed on the occassion that three memorandum dully signed by hundred of Gojri Writers are submitted to Smt Pritibha Patil, President of India, Dr. Manmohan n Singh Prime Minister of India and Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Sh. P.R Dassmunsi through fax and strong protest has been lodged that Kashir Channel has failed to give due share to Gojri Language as per the ratio of their population and rich Cultural heritage of Gujjars as the things have become so worse that not a single programme has been produced in Gojri for last so many years. End


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