J&K Tribal Research And Culture Foundation
  Tribal Research And Cultural Foundation
  Our Objectives
Aims and objectives

All tribes have their own distinct ethno-cultural heritage. Every tribe having their Language, Literature, Customs, Art and Architecture, Tradition and History but have rendered backward and poor in the course of time with a very low rate of literacy and
have largely taken nomadic life.The main aim and objective of the foundation is to promote Educational and Cultural
interests of the tribes.To preserve the Cultural Heritage and to make every possible effort for upliftment
and preservation of cultural entity as per the following:

  •       To preserve and promote the Tribal Languages.
  •      To preserve Folk – Literature of Tribes.
  •    To promote and preserve Folk – Arts and Crafts of Indian Tribes.
  •     Documentation of Folk – Lore of Tribal Communities of     India.
  •      Documentation and presentation of Traditions.
  •      Research Projects on common aspects of Tribals.
  •      To prepare video / audio / photo documentation / plays on the life and culture of different Tribes.
  •    To provide fellowships to the persons who engage themselves in the Social, Cultural and Educational developments of the Tribes.
  •         To arrange printing / documentation of cultural properties of Tribes populations.
  •        To construct a suitable building namely "Tribal Cultural Center and Museum".
  •     Make arrangements for celebration of Tribal Folk Festivals / Seminars / Exhibitions and Conferences in Tribal Languages.
  •      Research Projects on Tribal Culture, History, Economic, Linguistics and Sociology.
  •   To prepare and publish the Encyclopedias / Book of Knowledge / Dictionaries / Magazines in Tribal Languages / regarding Tribes in Languages included in VIII schedule of India / VI schedule of J&K State.
  • .     To run Schools / Hospitals for Tribal Population.
  •     To arrange Musical Concerts / Drama Shows in Tribal Languages.
  •     To arrange Painting Exhibitions on Tribal Culture.
  •      To study the relation of Tribal Languages with Hindi / Urdu / Sindhi / Kashmiri / Gujrati / Punjabi and other languages which are included in VIII schedule of India.

The foundation shall also work for the Social Welfare of Tribal Population as per following:

a.      To promote Social Welfare Schemes among Tribal

b.     To start Child Development Programmes.

c.     To start Vocational Training Centers for Tribals.

d.     To promote re-habilitation schemes for nomads.

e.      To provide training of Arts, Crafts for the Tribal Communities so that they would get financial benefits.

f.       To promote self-employment programmes.

g.     To construct Hostel-cm-School buildings for tribal children.

h.     To arrange social / public meetings.

i.        To project the social and cultural richness of Tribals

j.        To provide scholarships to the tribal students.

k.     To start campaigning programmes regarding child health, women welfare.

l.        To provide knowledge about social evils.

m.   To promote literacy programmes among Tribals.

n.     To provide information to the tribal regarding social upliftment schemes of state and central governments.

o.     To provide knowledge about human rights.

p.     To arrange cultural shows / drams / seminars regarding social upliftment and welfare of tribal communities.

q.     To start projects regarding Tribal child development and women.

Health Programmes
The third main aim of the foundation is to promote health programmes among Tribal as per following:

a.      To provide basic information regarding new health programmes.

b.     To provide family welfare programme in Tribal communities.

c.     To promote Traditional folk medicines.

d.     To start immunization programes.

e.      To provide knowledge about immunization and other programmes

f.       To start child care programme

g.     To start mobile Hospital for nomads (Tribal) communities.

h.     To organize cultural programmes regarding health awareness.

i.        To prepare posters publication in Tribal languages for promotion of health programmes.

j.        To arrange health camps in Tribal areas.

Ecological Programmes
The forth main aim of the foundation is to promote Ecological awareness programmes as per following:

 a.      To start awareness campaign programmes regarding environment.

b.     To promote the programmes regarding drinking water

c.     To encourage the awareness about proper disposal of garbage and other solid things.

d.     To make them aware regarding ecological system.

e.      To start programmes to control of Air Pollution.

f.       To give knowledge about protection of trees and plantation and nurturing of new trees.

g.     To promote other schemes for the air and water pollution control.

h.     To organize seminar / workshops / training  programmes camps/ public meeting / exhibitions regarding environment.

i.        To promote awareness programme regarding Wild animals / Wild Life Conservation.

j.        To promote Traditional Herbs and Shrubs production.

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