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J&K  Gujjars loses 12 pet Species, 6 on the verge of extinction: Study

Press Release 

Srinagar,20th of October 2007.  

During the past 40 years the nomadic Gujjars and Bakerwals have lost one dozen the rarest of rare traditional and indigenous species of sheep, goats,   horses and dogs and almost half a dozen of rare native species considered  most threatened in the world are at the verge of extinction in Himalayan belt of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, said a  study conducted by Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation-a   national organization working  on tribal affairs of India.   
The study reveals that the species which were distinctive with nomadic Gujjars and Bakerwals from the times immemorial have gradually been lost since 1968 when Indian Council for Agricultural Research, New Delhi ( ICAR) under  Ministry of Agriculture , Government of India,  introduced certain foreign origin breeds in the state. This was done in order to get maximum yield in terms of wool, mutton and other viable benefits and is  continues till date.
Releasing the study, Dr. Javaid Rahi, the national secretary of Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation said here at summer capital of the State that it is unfortunate that the planners while introducing the cross breeds among the livestock of nomads   have not plan to preserved the native and indigenous species of the livestock of the Gujjars and Bakerwals in any pocket of the Himalayan belt.
Most of Gujjars and Bakerwals who are unhappy with the present state of affairs in respect of cross breeding of their  livestock wish to switch over to their traditional breeds but such species do not exist anywhere in the Himalayan belt of India." Said Dr. Javaid Rahi, It is astonishing that no genetic study has been ever conducted to preserved the distinct characteristics of the primitive traditional species of the livestock of Gujjars and Bakerwals and without the knowledge of consequences, such species have lost their existence,  the study said ."It is a world wide phenomena that the government institutions  preserve the genres of rarest of rare species an the same has been done in respect of Australia , Canada, USA, UK, USSR and brazil where besides introducing cross breeds the traditional species have also been preserved and where cross breed does not work or is not viable in terms of climate or commercial benefits, they switch back to original species and thus safeguard the interests of the people connected with livestock .The same has not been in case of Himalayan States of India , by ICAR . In same difficult areas of the Himalayan Region some of the   foreign origin breeds have almost failed to deliver the required results and in the meanwhile the rarest rare of species which were for mountainous and cold regions of the area have been finished to take the place, said the study.
The study reveals that among the traditional species of sheep, Ghidord Phamphri, Punchi Bakerwali, Bani,  and  Karnahi have already finished while in the goat species , Gurziya , Belori, Lamdi, an Goodri, species have already been extincted. In the horse breeds Yarkandi (Bakerwali), Nukra and Bharssi horse species, have already finished. Study further reveals that in goat species, Kaghani , Lubdi and Kilan  species are at the verge of extinction while as the Jaskardi, Kaliani and other rare species of horses are also at the verge of extinction. The Gujjars and Bakerwals of Himalayan belt have lost almost all the native species of Sheep and presently they have only foreign Australian an Merino species of sheep are available in the livestock. The study further reveals that the Bhrokpa, Changpa and Dard tribes of Ladakh are lucky enough as their traditional species of their   livestock are still preserved in remote pockets of Shivalik area of Himalayan belt.
The study , in the end, has hoped that it is possible a few rarest of rare species of the livestock of nomadic Gujjars may have been still preserved in some areas of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir   and Afghanistan and the same needs to be imported to Kashmiri to revive the traditional species in the state. 

Dr. Rahi the National Secretary of  Tribal Research and cultural foundation has appealed to the state government and demanded that in order to save the existing rarest of rare species of livestock of nomadic Gujjars   and Bakerwals a special team be constituted and steps be taken on war footing ./End 

Issued by PRO to TRCF  on 20th of October 2007.

Press Release

Jammu 11th of November, 2007 .
The Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir have today strongly objected over the distribution of anti-Gujjar Material and Phumplets in various parts of the state by J&K   Pahari Cultural and Welfare Forum(PCWF) and have urged to the State Chief Minister, Gh. Nabi Azad through a letter to intervene and immediately ban these   provocative published Material  keeping in view the resultant confrontation between Gujjars and Pahari Speaking People of the State .It has also been  demanded in the letter to initiate criminal  proceedings against the distributors  of the  provocative anti Gujjar booklets  which has been  published by PCWF with a motive   to marginalized the Gujjars and to create hatred between two communities of the State.Giving details about  the letter signed by the hundreds of Gujjars, sent through Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation - a   National Organization working on various aspects of tribals  of India with special focus on Gujjars,   the National Secretary, Dr. Javaid Rahi described the material   as self made, politically motivated and having selfish ends. He said that it has been done keeping in view prospective elections . He said the PCWF have no right to lodge miss information campaign against to Gujjars and their ST Status.
The Said Anti-Gujjar  material is  in shape of three types of Phumplets and book lets having  provocative  statements  against Gujjars of the state viz a viz their tribal status. Such Booklets also tried to marginalized and minimized  the population of Gujjar Tribe in the State and also have teased the  social  structure o f Gujjars. All the three book lets have published by Pahari Cultural and Welfare Forum (PCWF)  and distributed in various parts of the State including boarder belts of  Poonch Rajouri and power corridors of the state , Dr.Rahi the National Secretary said.The letter said that  the movement of PCWF has turned in its granting of ST Status to anti Gujjar Movement and have lodged misinformation campaign against Tribal and nomad Gujjars of the State which constitute 3 rd largest ethnic  and lingual identity , having twenty two twenty five percent population in the state. The Gujjars of the State rejected the self made census of Gujjars and other prevocational material published by PCWF and have describe it an attempt to grab the rights of Gujjars of the State.The Gujjars of the state are not against the bonafide rights of any community or group including Pahari Speaking People but such type of provocation will definitely resulted in miss understanding and confrontations in Gujjar Pahari Belt. Said Javaid Rahi ,
He, however, urged the Gujjar community to remain calm over grave provocation by the PCWF.
Issued by Public Relation Officer for and on behalf  of   Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation. 09419144139

Press Release

Gujjars condemned The Census Released by Paharis regarding Gujjars

Jammu, 8th of November 2007. :- The Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir today condemned   and heavily  expressed their concern over the Press Briefing  of   J&K Pahari  Cultural and Welfare Forum (PCWF) against  Gujjars at  Hotel Pride Jammu,  today in which the PCWF  has released a phumplet and self made census  regarding  Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir. The said census has  restricted the total population of the Gujjars in the State of Jammu and Kashmir to five lakhs  only while as an unsuccessful attempt has been made to show case the population of Pahari   Speaking People of the State to the tune of  about Twenty five lakhs  in this part of the State.
An Emergency   meeting of the Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation a National Organisation working on Indian Tribes with special focus on Gujjars, held under the Chairmanship of its National Secretary, Dr. Javaid Rahi to took stock of the things. It was resolved that Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir strongly condemn the disinformation campaign lodged in the Press by vested interested  organization PCWF .
In his address Dr.Rahi suggested and advised the Agencies , Common Masses and Press and Media   Institutions to keep aloof from the misleading and disinformation campaign against Gujjars of the State by PCWF. He added that such the type of self made census will create bay of hatred  among the Pahari speaking people and Gujjars of the State It would result  in confrontation in boarder belts of the State. He appealed to the Gujjars of State remain calm   over the grave provocation by  PCWF.
The Speakers on the occasion told that the self made census report has been issued in view of prospective election and   is baseless and Politically motivated  and People behind this campaign can not be the real  well wishers of Pahari Speaking People.
The Speakers on the occasion further   told that the Gujjars of the state are not against the bonafied rights of any community or group including Pahari Speaking People but such type of provocation will definitely result  in miss understanding and confrontation in Gujjar  and Pahari Belt.
Issued by Public Relation Officer for and on behalf  of  Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation. 09419144139



 Srinagar , 29th of September , 2007. The Gujjar fraternity of Jammu and Kashmir have appealed to Chief Minister of Rajasthan Smt. Vasundhara Raje to help out the Gujjars
of Rajasthan in current reservation crisis, by recommending their case of granting   Schedule Tribe status to Government  of India . This appeal has been made by Gujjars
 through a Kashmir based National organization on tribes, Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation through   a fax sent to Chief Minister of Rajasthan, which has been signed by hundreds of tribesmen's of Jammu and Kashmir  state. This appeal has been issued in shape of a  memorandum,  here at summer capital of the State,  just 2 days before the
probable agitation and state-wide "Jailbharo andolan"  by the Gujjars of Rajasthan as  over five lakh Gujjars will court arrest in various parts of Rajasthan on   2nd October ,
 the Gandhi Jayanti day on the community's demand for granting Scheduled Tribe status under the banner of  Gujjar Mahasabha,Rajasthan.The Chief Minister has been appealed to stop the geneside of Gujjars of the state and
give legitimate rights to them and not to make it a ego or prestige point. Giving details, National Secretary of the Foundation, Dr. Javaid Rahi   told that the Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir , Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan are of the same race
having similar historical background and are sharing equal socio-economic problems. The government  of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh have rightly accepted their
 genuine demands of Gujjars decades before,  but the Gujjars of Rajasthan have been deprived of this fundamental right and it is being called as social aggression against
 this down trodden community who have laid their lives for National Integration and in Freedom struggle of India .
It has been further told that the struggle of Gujjars in Rajasthan have entered into a decisive phase and it is being hoped that good sense will prevail upon the Rajasthan government   and  Gujjars will get their due.
Dr. Javaid Rahi has appealed to the socio-political organizations, print and electronic media of India which are working for uplifment of suppressed and marginalized communities to come forward and rescue   this nomadic and marginalized community of Rajasthani Gujjars which are  struggling for their legitimate rights
since independence.The Foundation also appeals the Gujjars for peaceful agitation from Gandhi Jayanti
if government fails to give us the letter of recommendation to provide ST status to our community. The government should act before it is too late as the agitation
could take a dangerous turn.Dr. Rahi told it's a social movement that will continue till the demands are  met. The community has lost 26 precious lives in may this year during the agitation and
everyone is determined to fight for justice."Issued by Public Relation Officer for and on behalf  of   Tribal Research and Cultural
 Foundation/Regd on 29th  September 2007 from Srinagar Office/09419144139
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